I’m back

I’m back from my blogging hiatus and I brought a new avatar image with me.  The image is our homeschool mascot/logo.  I designed it with the help of a great new app on iPad Art Studio.  Our mascot is a giraffe, and our school colors are green and purple.  giraffe logo sketch 2Mini Riceball loves giraffes and her favorite color is purple.  My favorite color is green and I think it works as a nice compliment to the purple.  Also I have to say I really enjoyed working in Art Studio on the iPad.  Since I was using a stylus pen it was very much like sketching on paper.  Though with art studio I was able to work in layers which really helped with the coloring.  It was also very easy to import it into Photoshop Elements, so I could turn it into our logo.

We are also getting close to the end 2nd grade.  Every year I design a certificate for the end of year completion.  In previous years I used Calvert’s logos because we were exclusively using Calvert.  This year since we moved away from Calvert I felt it would be fitting to do a Dogwood Academy certificate.  I already have the certificate designed, I’m just waiting for our end date.  Of course figuring out a school year end date with a year round schedule and a few different curricula working at once is a bit difficult.

This year we continued with Calvert Math, I have a definite end point in sight for that, and thanks to the lesson numbers I have an idea of how far away that is.  Science also has a definite end point.  Though I mostly designed the curriculum myself with a text book spine.  The end will come with the end of the text.  Though without specific lesson days planned out.  I don’t have a an idea of how long until the end of year for that.  We are in the second to last chapter now, but the chapters are split into lessons, so we have six lesson left.  I have three science kits left to get through too.

History will just keep going on through the summer possibly into the start of third grade.  We are using Mosaic, loosely.  I love Mosaic’s activity suggestions and some of the book suggestions but I’ve added a bit more and skipped a few thing (a few inaccuracies).  I’m really interested in history myself so those were easy to spot, even if some of them are generally accepted in our part of the world.  I’ve also tried to add a bit more in place.  Right now we’ve made it to ancient India and I think it deserves more than a day’s discussion.  I picked up some books from the library for extra reading on the subject and I’m hoping we’ll find some inspiration for an art activity or craft along the way.  The decision to not look for an ending point also comes with Mosaic not having a a strict grade level attached to it.

Reading and spelling are also two that don’t have regular ends in in sight.  With reading we’re working through anthology books right, each story gets ready until Mini Riceball obtains fluency, then we move on the next.  Writing is an assortment of workbooks and journaling, so nothing really structured there.  We have gone structured with spelling, though we started All About Spelling in January and it not fair to expect us to be finished any time soon.  Aside from that I’m seeing improvement in spelling, reading and writing so I’m just happy with that.

Like I said though mostly we are doing a year round schedule so some of these subjects really won’t stop or break at all.  With math we may take a small break between Calvert 2nd grade and 3rd grade math for some workbook review.  With science I’ll need a bit of time to plan out the first chapter or so before we start but I have some science kits that didn’t quite fit with just one subject, and one that we needed more sun for.  So all small break between books can focus on those.

Anyway, I’m going to try to update more here now.  I have some projects we’ve done to share soon too.  So I’ll definitely be back with more photos.




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