I bought two shelves yesterday at Target.  One is for Mini Riceball’s room, this one will be for toys.  Right now she has one shelf that houses books and toys.  I’m hoping to clear all the toys off that shelf and leave it to just books.  The other shelf will be our new school shelf.  I’m going to be organizing the toy shelf and books shelf in Mini Riceball’s room later today.  I may take the time to look for more things to donate while I’m in there.  An occasional toy purge keeps things from getting out of hand.

Today I also plan to write out everything I need to get done, as far as cleaning/yard work.  I’ll need to figure out everything that needs to be done every week, and what needs to be done once a month.  Then I can assign days to every task.

For my second shelf I’m not in a hurry to switch everything over.  I have everything organized on our current school shelf, and right now the location and placement of the shelf and it’s contents are part of my routine.  I think I’ll switch everything over fully when we “finish” our school year.  It should also help the transition to 3rd grade as well.  At the end of our year I’ll do the usual packing and sorting of 2nd grade, also going through the previous years again because I always save to much.  Then make the shelf transition.  I have already moved the microscope and globe to the new shelf, that has really feed up some much needed space.

I’ll try to take photos of the pressed flower magnets too.  I have quite a lot I want to accomplish today, I should probably start with a list just for today.


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