We are almost finished with second grade science, and it was mostly successful.  I think I would do better to start planning and just keep going.  I got a little burned out in the beginning so I didn’t plan as well for the last few units.  I had planned to come back to the planning after a break but just never really fully got back to it. Still though it hasn’t been hard to plan out the last bit as I go.  I already had some kits lined up and had some notes for videos.  Finding extra books has been pretty easy too.

I’m starting to plan next year’s science now.  I have the text book, I just need to plan projects and find kits. Of course it seems like right now I’m hearing so much about science curriculum and now that I’m starting to plan I’m questioning my choice of this text book.  There is some repetition of some of what we already covered, mostly because I did supplement and go outside of the text book.  I maybe should have skipped to a 4th grade textbook, but also maybe the repetition will be good review.  That will make sure everything sank in.  I’m also very worried because there is nothing laid out that says, “get this kit.”  RSO has a nice kit already put together on Home Science Tools, and that is tempting.  The whole thing is tempting, a nice text with worksheets, and a kit already put together.  Then I start thinking about it more.  Mini Riceball really loves the textbook, she’s excited for it.  She really liked last year’s science.  Also we have some of the supplies in the RSO kit, and some of the things I’ve thought about getting anyway.  RSO looks great but in a not right now kind of way maybe.  The more I think about it the more I’m becoming sure with what we have.  I think I should stick with the text we have, and start putting together a list of kits and supplies.


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