Box Day!

We had a small box today, well the box wasn’t small but there was only one box.  I was a bit silly about it though, I carried it over my head (really light for the size), and yelled “BOX DAY!!!” a few times.  This box was our insect kits, gram weights and slides.  We are not really ready to start any of it today though, because we just finished with 2nd grade science today.  I’m going to take maybe 3 weeks off, that should give me enough time to finish planning.  We are also waiting on a second box of science supplies to come.  I still need to research some books to use with 3rd grade science.  I have most of the experiments planned out, and big supplies accounted for.  I may get a few more kits later, but I have enough for the first few chapters.

I’m also trying to figure out timing for our insect kits.  They seem like more of a spring activity but I’d love to do them in the fall, if of course the insects will still be able to thrive on release.  I sent an email to the company so hopefully I’ll be hearing back about that soon.


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