TV Shows

There’s nothing like feeling like I have the minority opinion to make me not want to comment on a thread.  I really like a lot of the Disney Channel shows aimed at “tweens” and we watch them as a family.  I think it helps that we watch them together, because then I can see where some of this snark among the kids leads.  I can sit there and see how the consequences play out.  Sometimes though I don’t mind the attitude from the kids, I don’t mind some of the ways they talk to the parents.  Most of the time I’m not seeing disrespectful I’m seeing open dialog, when it crosses the line though usually I’ll see the TV parents make a point about it.  Maybe I’m a little defensive about it.  I do have my standards, and support other parents right to deny their children access to these shows.  They know their kids better than I do, they are better fit to choose what to let them watch.  I have my own standards.  I’ve chosen to block children’s shows before for being creepy or questionable.  I have dismissed shows solely based on the content they advertise in a commercial. We avoid whole channels, because most of what I have seen on there lately has been questionable to me.  We also record some older cartoons that I used to watch when I was little, and we have some on DVD too.

I’ve been making an effort to cut back on TV.  Sometimes it’s just on for background noise, but it’s better for the environment and the electric bill if we just shut it off then.  I don’t feel like much time is spent vegging in front of a screen so I don’t feel like I need to make drastic cuts to the tv time. 


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