Moving forward

I’ve been a bit busy these past two weeks, my schedule has been crazy.  I have been trying to make some time to read, and plan ahead.  I started reading Art & Fear and it’s really helping to give me the kick in the pants that I needed.  I’m thinking of starting a new artist blog, but on Tumblr this time.  I’m still not sure about Tumblr but as soon as I get the photos taken that I want to, I’ll play around with it and see how I like it. I like that a Tumblr blog seems like it will do well with mostly images and a little writing. I didn’t have much success with writing on my artist blog before, and it has been sitting because of that. 

I am looking forward and planning out how to pick back up with school in the next two weeks, we’ve taken a break to handle this craziness.  I’m awaiting another box day, I’m very excited about that.  Mini Riceball will perhaps be excited too. 

I’m hoping to make some more time after we get back into school to go through more of the crafts in the Earth Child’s Handbook with Mini Riceball.  I also have to finally devote some time to finally setting up our altar.  We did finally clear some space and there are some crafts in the book to use that Mini Riceball is very excited about.


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