Working and planning

I’m going to start including more about my art, I was in the middle of an art block but now I’m out it.  I’m working on a new project, and starting a new drawing. I’m trying to work out my options of an art blog now. I’m also trying not to go over board on my new project.  I have one reference so far, 2 or more possible references in coming.  Basically I made a little ad on Facebook and posted it to my wall and to one of the groups I’m more active in. I’m very excited for this project and honestly right now there are a few specific people I’d love to ask to participate, but right now I’m loving the random nature of it.  Maybe once I get this first one done I’ll see where I stand with the references and then maybe ask for more, but this time try a forum I frequent and this blog.

This next week, things should be a bit more relaxed.  We’ll have our little school break, with out things being busy.  I’m also planning to spend some time planning school, I just got AAR so I need to look that over and see what I need to get that started.  I have some planning to finish with science too.  We should be starting that after the break so we can order the butterflies when it starts to cool off in the fall.  That will be here before we know it. I also need to find out if a unit on plant and animal cells would count as health, at least if we cover some human cells in the animal cells studies.

I also need to get back on a cleaning schedule, find time to work on my scarf, and play Fable III (just got it for PC, yay Steam sale!).


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