Insect study

We have been watching caterpillars and lady bug larva transform into chrysalises and adult lady bugs.  We didn’t name the lady bugs because there were just too many, but Mini Riceball named a few of the caterpillars.  So right now we are waiting for Kermit, Bridgit Mendler, #3, #4, and #5 to emerge as butterflies.  I suggested a bunch of names for the caterpillars but still all we have are the numbers for the last 3.  Mini Riceball is very happy with the names as they are.  We did have to compromise on the lady bugs.  When they started to enter the pupa stage one decided the food bowl was a good place to transform, so I wanted to call it Shmebulock.  We have an agreement that it will only have a name while it is in the food bowl.  Of course another decided that Shmebulock had the right idea so now Shmebulock has a friend.  Which sparked another name, when I said Shmebulock and friend she thought I said Shmebulock and Fred.  So now we have Shmebulock and Fred in the food bowl.  I tried very hard not to drop raisins on top of them.

We are excited for all the insects, and hoping we get five healthy butterflies.  It looks like we’ve lost a few lady bugs at each stage though.


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