I love history, and I love learning more about history.  I also get greatly annoyed when I see that history is being portrayed wrong.  I love homeschooling because I’m learning more myself about history now that I’m teaching it.  Though for me now that I’m finding out more about these other cultures in the world I’m a little disappointed that there isn’t more time spent on them in the curriculum.  Though I suppose I should be grateful they are being covered at all, considering I went through Pre-K through 12th grade in a public school and never even touched on some of these cultures.  I am hoping that we get circled back around to ancient Japan again later in the book, and right now I’m a bit overwhelmed with how much of Ancient Africa does not seem to be covered at all.  It’s also hard to find appropriate material to add on right now. 

Of course I like the classical approach to history, and I figure we’ll cycle back around again at some point and by then we can probably use some of the resources I’ve found for an older audience.


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