Blogging and general update

Mini Riceball asked me today about my mommy blog, she asked if I still had it.  I told her I did but I just hadn’t updated in awhile.  She told me I should write a post today.  I’m still struggling with this blog and my other one, the timing doesn’t seem right for either.  I have a few things on hold and a few things I’m picking up after a hiatus. 

We are starting school back up this week after our long break for vacation and the holidays.  It seems like I picked the worst starting week, but there has not been a good solid week anyway.  This week I had a teacher’s meeting, which was great, I got to talk to my co-teachers for my classes at the co-op.  I feel a bit more solid that I can do this and that I’m doing what I should be doing right now.  I’m excited for the co-op to start too.  I know I’ll have to make an adjustment to my schedule too because we won’t be able to do school at home those days. 

This week I’ve started us back with a lighter schedule, trying to ease into things.  I need to check out the science book and see where we are too.  I know I’m behind the schedule I laid out at the beginning of the year.  Our break ran a little over and we took a bit more time on the units than expected.  Science is a bit hard to plan, I use a textbook as a spine that Mini Riceball loves, but I feel like I try to add so much extra into each unit that we spend too much time on each unit.  Then I feel behind.  I keep entertaining the idea of switching to a new curriculum that just covers one subject like biology for the year, but then I worry we’ll miss something.  Which really is a bit nonsensical considering all I keep hearing is that elementary school is just for building a foundation, and the details can all be picked up later.  Of course the moment I start thinking of focusing on biology, I think of how much Mini Riceball enjoys space, and rocks/minerals.  Then I’m not sure if it’s best to focus on one subject.  Also we always get a lot out of the other units and the activities and experiments that go with them.  So I’m no closer to figuring out science than when I started but really I don’t need to be thinking about next year, since I have so much of this year left.


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