I finally went ahead and ordered math, I ordered Math in Focus we’ll give it a try for the year.  I’m excited to get the box and check out the books.  We are only in about chapter 3 or 4 of 3rd grade math right now.  So it will be awhile before we need it but I couldn’t pass up the sale.  I decided for sure today that for 4th grade we’ll definitely need to change curriculum for science.  I like the textbooks we’ve been using but they are repeating themselves and not going in much more depth with each subject.  I think I would have liked it better if it just would have skipped the section on soil this year and spent more time on rocks and minerals.  Maybe next year we’ll pick a focus, maybe biology, and try to focus more on that.  I just need to find something I like, with good reviews and that will work for us.


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