Feminist Riceball Momment

I really get annoyed when someone tries to take a stand against “over serialization” and all they seem to be doing is slut shaming.  A long sleeve sparkly dress with no cleavage and a slit up to the knee is not super sexy.  So I really don’t see the “barf, gag” reaction.  Also teaching your son to react that way to woman dressed that way doesn’t really seem positive to me.  And to the person that said “I don’t really care what women wear” after commenting that the dress design was indeed “barf” inducing is a bit contradictory.  Apparently you only care what women wear as long as they aren’t “shoving their boobs out there,”  All of these reactions are against Queen Elsa’s dress in Frozen.  I took away from the moment the freedom she felt, she took her hair out of the tight bun, a more fun, loose style is how I thought of it, and put on a bright fun, dress.  Now I may be biased because I do always try to see the bright side of Disney.  Though I think you can’t argue that they did a lot right.  They didn’t follow the love at first sight thing, they had the princess rescue herself. And they finally gave a us a Princess into a Queen moment.  I like the dress.  I can relate to her sense of freedom when she lets go.  Sometimes after wearing extra layers for so long you want to feel the wind on your skin and sometimes you just want to feel pretty.  There is nothing wrong with that.  I feel like she was still dressed rather respectably.
As for those that “don’t care what women wear,” even though they do, I think a woman should wear whatever she wants, as long as she understands the implications that come with that.  Wear the super short skirt if you want, but know when it’s probably going to work against you.  You shouldn’t be wearing your club wear to an interview at a law office, any more than you should be wearing sweat pants.  “You” may not think that women need to dress a certain way but society certainly does, and some women don’t have the privilege to not think about it. Society expects certain things of a “professional” woman, certain professions expect to see certain things.  Not wearing make up or a nice suit could cost you a job.  Sometimes it doesn’t matter what skills or intelligence you have, if you don’t look the part you don’t get the job.  I know we all love to be judged solely on our mind and our skills, but we also have to exist in society the way it is.  You can sit back and talk of lack of make up and wearing what you want (as long as it fits your guidelines) but it’s not going to change the way society is now, maybe down the road we’ll have less false expectations but you can’t expect women to give up opportunities for the cause.
I’m the type of feminist that I think women should make informed choices for them.  Stay home, work, wear a short skirt or long skirt.  Just understand your reasoning behind it, influences from society and how it affects your future.  Don’t be afraid to change your mind either, you learn, you grow, you change.


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