History is slowly becoming more difficult for me.  We are using Moasic, with a lot of alterations.  It’s really very good, it uses the Usborne Encyclopedia of World history as a spine which is generally accurate, though I have had to correct some of the information a few times. I have not been happy with the amount of coverage on some of the civilizations but I do understand it’s a lot of history and already a very thick book.  Something has to be left out. I would have preferred more time spent on Ancient Africa, and now we’re on two pages of the “first North Americans” and I’m not sure how much I want to add on.  I know we’re going to be covering more with the Aztecs, but I’m wondering if the tribes further north will be touched on at all again.  Also since that could tie in to US history, more so as pre-US history than maybe it might best be left to touch on more then.  All of this seems important to cover but it’s just a matter of when.  I think I will stretch this out for at least another day or two and we’ll definitely be touching on it again later after I’ve had more prep.

I’m starting to think about possibly changing history curriculum but then I also think maybe we should just continue to work through this book as a spine. We can keep a notebook as we go and maybe I can make notes on different civilizations to do further studies on later.


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