Homeschool update

I’ve been feeling a bit burned out, which is apparently a normal February thing to feel.  Though I haven’t felt justified in feeling burned out since we just had a big break in December.  I’m feeling really good about the coming week though.  I’m looking at my plans for tomorrow and I’m feeling like they can happen.  History has taken an education side track with Black History Month, we’ve jumped ahead to some American History.  We read a really great book about Ruby Bridges, and it was interesting for me to find out that she went on to create the Ruby Bridges Educational Foundation, which was really interesting since prior to reading the book I didn’t know much about her.  I knew of the kids like her.  I’m happy Mini Riceball picked the book out of the scholastic catalog. I went a little book happy and bought a bunch of the books she circled in the catalog, that book is definitely one of the reason I’m glad I did.

I think we’ll be able to finish the one Kumon math book this week, and then we’ll get back into Calvert Math.  I think some of the math has started to click for her.  Reading has advanced rather well, I was a bit surprised when the next lesson wasn’t a new sheet of works and cards, but more stories.  I think I should definitely look ahead.  Last week though i was really impressed with Mini Riceball’s reading.  I’m hoping to keep on track with reading The Hobbit this week and get up to Chapter 10 at least.

Provided there’s no snow this will also be our first co-op week finally.  I’m excited, and nervous, Mini Riceball is just excited though.  She’s excited to see some old friends and make some new ones. I’m excited for her.

I just wish it would warm up soon.  We are in the middle of the space unit but the weather hasn’t been great, so we haven’t been able to go outside.  Maybe next year we should rearrange some of the units.  I read about someone else using the same book we do, but doing the chapters in a different order. I may try that.  Maybe end on animals, and start space in warmer weather next year.  I’m not sure though.  I need to finish up this year’s science before I get too deep in planning next year.


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