Excited, or at least trying to focus on that

  I am excited right now with reading.  We just finished lesson 29 or 49 in All About Reading Level 1, it looks like the next three lessons are reading.  I know I can get us through at least one story a day, maybe two.  So at the most the next three lessons can still be done by the end of next week.  I like being able to see that we’ll progress quickly.  I’m trying to focus on my excitement because if I loose sight of that I’ll start feeling behind again.  Though right now in this moment everything feels manageable.  Since we had a big break in December and then we were sick last month we kind of lost track a bit, so I think a finishing point for 3rd grade is reasonable at July, the end of July.  I think for some things that will be more than enough time, and with others we may need more time. Still it’s a good goal to have.  Really I don’t need to confirm any solid change of grade level, I just like being able to say, you’re in the next grade now.  It’s a bit hard to do that now though since we have moved in a more varied approach to curriculum.  Our history curriculum doesn’t have a solid grade level attached, with science we are working with a 3rd grade level book but are supplementing beyond that.  Reading is below grade level but with the struggles we’ve had (and possible dyslexia) I think we are in a good a place and I’m not trying to push that.  Math is the only solid on grade level curriculum we have right now, I don’t always like the methods and sometimes we slow down to review or speed ahead, so it’s hard to gauge the pace. Math and Science are mainly what I’m hoping to have finished up by the end of July.  I don’t think we are in the half way point of Math yet though.  I’m not sure, we recently took a break from the main curriculum to review.  I’ve seen a wonderful amount of improvement with it though, so it’s been worth it.

  I want to refocus reading starting next week.  I love reading, but I had the hardest time learning to read.  There were a lot of tears, a lot of frustration, and I’m starting to think a lot of the dyslexia symptoms seem to apply to myself as well.  Which would explain my struggle.  We lost track of reading aloud with my being sick, so I want to pick that back up.  I also want to refocus Mini Riceball on reading more outside of school work.  I just don’t want to push too hard, I want her to love reading too.  She seems to enjoy it when it starts coming easy.  Then she wants to read that story over and over, it’s just getting her to challenge herself without feeling defeated.

  On a different note, I’m about 5 balls of yarn into my Amy Pond scarf.  I’m starting to pick up a quicker rhythm with going through the pattern and it’s taking me less time to go through the rows.  I’m also starting to get used to how the pattern plays out row by row, so I don’t have to look at the paper as much.  I still need it to keep track of what comes next though.

  I also am really excited to pick up more baking supplies soon.  I want to try to make fondant, sugar cookies and royal icing.  Mini Riceball has already picked out her birthday cake and though it’s a simple design I’ll still need to learn to use fondant before I can make it.  I want to make sugar cookies though just because they look so fun to make.  I’m also excited to draw on the cookies with icing, and the recipe I found sound like the sugar cookies will be quite tasty.


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