Knitting and baking

I’ve been working on an Amy Pond inspired scarf and I’m getting close to finishing the scarf and I realized I had a bit of extra yarn so I decided to make some fingerless gloves. To match, it looks like Amy had some half fingers to her gloves but I found a pattern using the same lace as the scarf and it’s “inspired by” so it doesn’t need to be exact.  Her lace scarf didn’t exactly have a tilting Tardis pattern but a Doctor Who themed lace in red seemed more than appropriate.  I’ve finished the left hand, but haven’t cast on for the right hand yet. I did modify the pattern a bit that I found here. Mostly I think I may have read the pattern differently than I was meant to, but I like the overall look. It matches my scarf very well.




I made bread for the first time on Ostara.  Actually is my first time making bread that wasn’t banana bread.  This was my first time using the dough hook in my mixer and making bread that needed yeast and needed to rise. Of course it was Ostara and since I have to over do everything I made Bunny Bread

ImageImageI’m very happy with the results, I love the eyelashes. I’m going to make another two loaves of bunny bread for Easter (we celebrate a secular Easter).  I’m going to give one loaf to my grandmother, she’s having surgery the week before Easter.  I just want an excuse to make another loaf for us. I’m going to try to make some other shapes too. I have an idea for loaf I want to surprise Mini Riceball with.  I just don’t want to tell her first just in case it doesn’t work out.  If it does it will be a nice surprise.

Today I’m planning to make banana bread, it will be my first time making banana bread at home.  I usually use a recipe my grandmother has, or lately has been finding because she’s trying to recreate her old recipe.  I found a recipe for Mickey’s Banana Bread. I might pick up some walnuts while we are out today so I can make it into Banana nut bread.  Maybe if it works out I’ll make banana muffins for the spring party.  I wonder if the kids would like banana muffins. 


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