Changing up some things

I think I’m going to have to write up a schedule again.  I’m thinking of changing things a little and getting more organized with writing and reading.  Or at least setting aside specific days to do a few things.  I think Thursday will be a journal day, or Friday.  Mostly I think today is a great day for a journal since Mini Riceball just finish the Randi Rhodes book.  I’m going to try to get her to write a few sentences about that.  I also want to set aside one day, maybe Friday to step away from AAR and have Mini Riceball read one of the books from the shelf or the library.

I lost half of my log for this month so far.  I really need to remember to hit the save button everyday.  I lost this whole week.  Rather than try to remember I’m just going to pick it up today, and see how that goes. I mostly keep the log for me anyway and it is helpful in the review but I only need to bring them a “sample” really.  Mostly I only need it for PE and a few other subjects.


I also finished my gloves.  I’m now back to focusing on my scarf.  I’m into one of the left over balls from the gloves, I have another half ball and a whole ball to go before I’ll call it done.


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