Knitting and school

Pond scarf (4) Pond scarf (2) Bear Pond








I finished my Amy Pond inspired scaf, I couldn’t find an exact enough match for her lace scarf so I used the Tilting Tardis pattern to create my scarf.  I made matching gloves because I had more than enough yarn, and when I was finished I had a whole ball left over so I made a Amy Pond inspired scarf for Bear, and I even created “fingerless” gloves for her as well.  I used the thumb from my glove pattern as a starting point.

With school I still feel so far from an end point right now.  Which is just fine because no matter were I call our end point we’ll keep going through the summer anyway.  We have finished our science for 3rd grade.  I’m waiting for some payouts from a apps, and coupon programs I have to go through before I order the 4th grade text book.  Once I get it I plan to put together a list of supplies for each chapter and then start collecting kits.  I think we’ll go a bit out of order with 4th grade.  I still want to have the supply lists for each chapter before we start though so I can be more prepared.


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