Getting school done has been a bit of a challenge lately, with so much getting done it’s been hard to find time. Of course once we have so many days away it’s hard to get back into the schedule.  I’m also trying to adjust the schedule, get more organized with some subjects and adjust for not having a science really set right now.  We finished up 3rd grade science and I’m holding off on ordering the new book, and I want maybe a month to plan and get things together.  I got a great idea from one of my Facebook groups to organize experiment supplies into bags, with printed instructions, and then put all of it into a bin.  I just need to get the book first and see which experiments I want to use from there and then start finding more on Pinterest.  I also need to see what kind of kits I can order as well.  It could all go into a bin maybe.

I need to start thinking about the review, it’s a few weeks away but now that I can see it on the calendar it’s feeling a lot closer.  I’ll need to start getting things printed.  The End of the Year event is happening soon too.  I need to get my end of the prep done for that I have some certificates to print out now, and I’m waiting to hear back from parents to create certificates.  I really like creating certificates, they are fun to design. 

I also had an idea for a special art project to do with Mini Riceball, she’ll be able to display it in the art show.  We had considered displaying her Jackson Pollock inspired action painting, but I think we’ll make some new.  I’m going to remind her of a technique we used before, with some smaller pieces and we’ll probably use another canvas to the piece for the show.  I’m hoping she takes my suggestions and runs with it.


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