I’m thinking more and more of my artwork now.  I have a painting I want to finish, and experiment with.  Rather that go full realistic I want to add a bit of abstract action painting.  The composition was off anyway and wouldn’t fill the space of the canvas no matter what I did.  I can play with that extra space and see where it leads me.  I also want to finish the drawing I started just because I have it started.  I’m not happy with it but really I do need to finish.  I asked for references I got one and then I just lost my way.  I’m also thinking of reworking my art site.  I’m thinking of switching the whole thing to wordpress, I need to investigate the premium options versus what I have right now.  I feel good that I’ve created a site but I’m not sure it’s working for me. I may end up merging this blog with my artist blog if I do that.  I may start being more open on there.  I can post about homeschooling and working on my art.  I’m not sure though.  It’s all still in a very precarious place, I’m not sure what I’m doing and I’m just trying to build the confidence and passion again.

Edit: After a bit of thought and investigation I think I may keep this blog.  I may just update more about my art and link to my site from here.  I may not link the site right away, and I may maintain blog posts on both for now.  First thing I need to do is get moving forward with my art, and then I can update about it.


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