Moving forward

I’m finally getting some forward motion in my art.  I saw an old unfinished painting a few days ago and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.  I just had it out and sketched out some corrections on top of it.  I think I’ll try to get back into, but rather than trying to fill the composition as before I think I’m going to experiment with the background.  I can go abstract or realistic.  I’m thinking either of turning the main part of the painting into a photograph, or just a clean rectangle on a background.  I’m also thinking of blending it in with some fuzzy lines.  I’ve also thought of experimenting with action painting in the surrounding areas.  I did just now set it on top of my facebook reference drawing, which to me is signaling that both are up for grabs.  I’m also thinking of finding some sand paper and sanding down the other painting I have unfinished.  That was turning into a mess so I dropped it but now I’m thinking of trying again.  With a fresh take, if the action painting works out that may be good background.

I have to say my itunes playlist is getting a bit old and tired I need to look into a way to refresh my music, but I’m not really finding anything great and new lately. Alizee, K-Chiporros, and Hyuna are still artist that I’m consistently enjoying, I do need to buy “Sisters” from A Tribe Called Red from Amazon.  I love that song, I need some dance style music on my playlist, something with a great beat.  That’s really been working for me to get me through cleaning or art work.

I even sketched a bit today, but I haven’t taken photos of anything yet.  I’ve organized some old reference photos and I was exploring pinterest a bit for inspiration.  It may not be a finished drawing but it is progress.


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