End of year

I’m calling an end to 3rd grade today.  Mostly this will mark a schedule change.  We’re going to keep doing school but switch to 4 days a week rather than 5 we’ll probably go back to 5 days in September.  We are taking a week off next week, though we’ll still do some school.  It will consist of light reading, games for math, and some videos for science and history.  Just some easy fun things.  The games will be great review and there are some videos and shows we’ve been meaning to watch but haven’t found the time. Mostly though I think we’ll just have some time to relax, play video games.  We have maybe 2-3 we want to play together so we should get on that as well.

All that’s left is to print the certificate and figure out how to mark the occasion.  We’ll need to figure out a fun activity to do this weekend.


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