I called an end to 3rd grade and we had our week off.  We’re slowing starting to get back into things, I still need to finish planning for science though.  At this rate I’ll have to finish all my notes in a mad flurry tomorrow evening.  Of course I just realized I’ve also been talking about school tomorrow all day and I’ve neglected to notice tomorrow is Saturday, and I did say we would have Saturdays off for the summer.  Maybe I’ll plan tomorrow morning since we aren’t doing school.  We have signed up for Secular Homeschool’s postcard exchange.  This year we’re going to make our own postcards, I already have some photos from the zoo we can use but I’m hoping to get to the aquarium soon or maybe the science center to take some photos there as well.  We have plenty of people to send post cards to. I’d really like to get to the BMA too, the sculpture garden would be great for photos too. It looks like we’ll be finishing the first portion of Mosaic soon, and I think rather than zooming ahead we’ll stop and review.  For review we’ll study some historical figures in depth and give them their own page in the history notebook.  Mini Riceball was especially interested in Hatshepsut.  I still don’t feel like we spent enough time on the many countries of Africa there has to be more to their ancient history than just a page.  We could always go back and look for more resources.

I’m also thinking way too far ahead by planning 3 months ahead of time for Mini Riceball’s birthday.  I suppose it’s kind of good though, I have plenty of time I don’t have to rush, and I can my time.

I have a stack of books to read, it’s that time of year again when all my favorite authors release their books at once, it will happen again in December.  I have another booking coming out in July that I’m looking forward to, and I’m eager to read the next Song of Ice and Fire book after that last ending. Also with Mini Riceball now listening to audio books I have her books to read too.  She talks about the books more when she sees me reading them.  I read the current book she’s listening to before, but she really didn’t open up about it until today when I started reading it again. She has two books on hold now, and hopefully they’ll come in when she is close to finishing the book she’s on.

Also with E3 happening it’s like an avalanche of awesome games. Assassin’s Creed Unity looks awesome, it doesn’t have any playable female character which does suck but still I love the series anyway.  I was introduced to the series through Aveline and I fell in love with the game play.  I picked it up with Connor, and I’m really excited to play as one of the new guys. I also want to try Dragon Age Inquisition, after watching Heroes of Cosplay. 


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