Finally some progess

(10)I’ve finally moved past just thinking about working on my art I am working on my art.  Hopefully I can keep this going and work tomorrow as well.  I’ve thought of some pieces to work on soon.  I want to do some research first.  I’m seeing a lot of art nouveau inspired work lately.  Most in the fan art but I think maybe I want to explore that more.  I should get back to that Khan Academy course on art history. I was always so inspired while I was in an art history class and I really developed my passion then.  I got kind of stuck in my research and then everything just came down with it.  I’ll have to do a bit of fan art myself soon, by request.  I think that’s what really pushed me to pick this piece back up.  I need to work past this block.  If I can I have two unfinished pieces I can complete (this one included).  I want to put a bit more research into my latest idea.  I did so many self portraits before but then I haven’t done any in awhile and I think I really need some self reflection right now. I have Mucha’s Seasons stuck in my head right now, thanks to Megan Lara she’s doing a beautiful version of the series with Disney Princesses.  I’m thinking of exploring a bit more illustration to my work.  Maybe I’ll take some inspirations from Karen Hallion too and use the Haunted Mansion as inspiration. Though I think if I do that I have to credit Jenny Lawson as well: “Smile despite the crocodile” is from her blog. That’s in my head a lot.
This photo was taken at an angle, and the colors are close but a bit off.



*I’m going to cross-post this to my other blog.  Still not sure if I’m keeping it or not so we’ll see how this goes for while.  I need to get back into a good work schedule and then I’ll figure out the blog situation.


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