Math worries

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As we get closer to the end of 3rd grade math I’m starting to worry about moving on into something different.  I suppose if it doesn’t work out, there are plenty of workbooks I can get to review and introduce new concepts while I look for something new.  I’m not completely happy with Calvert Math, but it’s what we’ve been using since the beginning so it’s familiar and comfortable.  Though sometimes it feels like it throws us into a concept with no explanation.  We’ll be switching to Math in Focus through Calvert and just from looking through I like the full color text book.  It also looks like we’ll be able to resell the text book since it’s not the kind you write in which is nice.  I may want to start a math notebook though.  The spiral notebooks are seeming like a better idea than folders of papers.  So I’m going to switching some folders out next year.  We’ll still have a science notebook and journal, but I’ll be adding one spelling and math. By next year I just mean when those particular subjects make their transition.  With spelling that will be in the fall, and math, should be in a month or so.  Science will be as soon as I finish planning.  I’ll just have to start looking out for good notebook sales rather than folder sales. I already have a few notebooks set aside from the last school supply sale, so I’m ahead of the game.
Math will be fine, but what I do is worry so I suppose I just needed to get that out there.  No matter what if we like it, it we don’t it will be fine.  We’ll work through 4th grade and either keep it or move on to something new.


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