Blogging updates

I had a bit of a revelation. I enjoy blogging about a lot of things, which really fits this blog perfectly. Though just blogging strictly about my art isn’t really working out. It seems I got more feedback on work in progress when I just posted directly to Facebook. Sometimes it seems like a bit of a chore to update that blog too. When I’m excited about something I have Facebook and forums to post to, and get feedback from. So I think I’ll be blogging here from now on and just taking down my blog links on my site. I’m still going to keep that blog up. I may end up switching my site to WordPress. I feel like my site needs an update, it’s not horrible. I was just looking up an amazing artist yesterday and their site really wasn’t good. It was hard to navigate and counter-intuitive with it’s interface. So I suppose my simplicity though not optimal or up to date is still better than some. I’ve updated my site with a new painting, and as soon as I get some good outside lighting I’m going to update with a new mixed media piece. ( I’m feeling a real passion for my drawing now too and I’m hoping to get more work done on that today. I may even finish in the next few days. I almost completely finished the second figure’s face yesterday.
I have so many books I want to read and I’ve been trying to make more time for reading. Also I think is as good a time as any to get started on my Christmas Knitting projects. I know it’s a bit early to be thinking about Christmas but it’s just next on my gift giving list. Also I have quite a few hats I want to make. Last year I gave a bunch of the kids scarves and this year I’d like to give them hats. I’m going to have to figure out a good schedule for getting everything done though. I want to read, play video games, work on my art, knit, get school done, do fun things with Mini Riceball, and get housework done. I have to find a way to make time for it all without neglecting anything. It was so easy to neglect my art in favor of other things when I was in my funk but now I have the passion back and I really want to nurture that.


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