Leia Hat (2)

I finished one of the buns for Mini Riceball’s Princess Leia hat yesterday.  I altered the pattern again. Rather than knitting the tube on straight needles in sheet and then sewing the seam; I cast on in the round and knit for about an inch or two before sewing up the bottom.  After sewing up the bottom I added stuffing gradually as a knit.  So that by the time I cast off I had the whole tube stuffed.  I think it went a lot faster this way, I skipped the seam sewing and the stuffing happened as I went. I also like the look that I got out of it too an I didn’t have to worry about hiding a seam.  Right now I’m waiting for more yarn to come in because the small ball I have left doesn’t look like it will be enough to complete another bun.  I’m thinking of doing another hat but with the braid.  I may make that one a Christmas gift hat.  Still not sure.

Today since I’m waiting on yarn and for my another coupon so I get the next set of circular needles I need for hats, I worked on birthday crafts. I put together the birthday banners and cupcake toppers for the party. 

DSC00673  DSC00676



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