I’ve come back here to blog again because today this feels right. I know all it takes is one little shift to make me question it again, and I really need to settle.  Or just resign myself to posting on two blogs. 

I’ve started thinking about writing up a schedule again, I make schedules several times a year, sometimes I follow them for awhile and sometimes I don’t. We’re going to be starting up with our full schedule again and I’ll have to start setting aside more dedicated time for school. I’ll also have to start getting up a reasonable time.  I want to try making a schedule again to make sure that we cover everything.  It’s easy to forget to make time for little things.  I also want to try my hand at planning something for art again.  I’d love to do an artist study, but I either don’t plan for enough time for the artist or I plan too much.  Maybe I should plan art like I plan science, give us a loose outline to work from and go from there.  I don’t do well with blocking out time for things. If I do a loose outline we can change up the order and I can give Mini Riceball input on what we do when.

I finished the second base hat for the Leia hat, Mini Riceball ended up liking the larger hat. I still need to attach the buns. I’m not sure what I’m doing with the smaller hat now.  I could always knit some flowers to attach to it and have another Christmas gift done or I could donate it this winter. It’s small but that would work for one of the smaller hats and a plain brown hat with flowers could be cute. I need to think on it more. I need to pick up another set of needles before I continue the Christmas hats. There is an order I want to go in so I don’t want to move on to creating the second round of hats before I finish all the new patterns. I do have a scarf that I need for a Christmas gift too so I’m working on that right now.  If I’m not finished by the time I get the new needles though I’ll set it aside to do another hat.  Then I’ll use the scarf as a break in between the hats. The scarf is knitting up rather fast though and it’s pretty for a simple pattern. 


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