Goodreads debate

Mini Riceball recently got an email account, mostly because we needed to create a psn account for her to retrieve her game saves. Otherwise she still wouldn’t have an email or an online account with Playstation. Though now that she has the email account I’m seeing other things that I can do.  I could create a separate Goodreads account for her.  She could have all her reviews as the main reviews, the stars would more accurately reflect her opinions rather than mine.  It would also free up my account, I could add some shelves/labels to reflect what I’m reading with her, but I wouldn’t have to sacrifice books from my read list to add to her to-read list. It might be what’s best.  If she wants to create a new account later with a new email that should work out fine. Now I just have to figure out how I’m going to manage two Goodreads accounts.


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