I’m almost finished with Christmas hats.  Which is great because that gives me time to maybe do some extra projects for friends and maybe work on a Yule gift of two for Mini Riceball.

We have started up with our full schedule for school and it’s going well when we get up on time.  I can get everything done on the schedule for the day.  Trying to cram everything into a morning schedule when we oversleep is not ideal.  Of course I have this rule that I won’t wake up Mini Riceball unless I have to, and quite honestly I’d rather add a bit extra into one of our available full days than wake her up.  We are a bit ahead in Math right now, it feels early to be in Chapter 2, which feels awesome but should also mean that we can do a day off in Math.  We are getting close to the end of our history curriculum too. Thinking short term I’m really excited about what we are working on and have some fun projects planned.  Long term I’m not sure where to go next, I’m not sure if we should just continue on into medieval times, or take the time to work on US history or just review what we covered with some important historical figures. I’m not sure. If we continue to work through chronologically then I have the choice of using the next level of mosaic or just using the book as a spine and moving forward with that.  I’m only loosely using Mosaic now, but I have gotten a lot of ideas from using it and I’m trying to recreate the format a bit while substituting my own resources.


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