School still hasn’t gotten fully into a good swing.  I have some firm goals set for us, now we just have to buckle down and get too it.  It’s hard though because it seems like things keep coming up.  The latest, we have a cold working it’s way through everyone in the house.  We have an appointment on a school day next week, one that is guaranteed to blow my whole day. Today we’re getting a late start so I’m just hoping to get something done.

I’m hoping to do some drawing later with Mini Riceball.  I want to do the colored pencil challenge from a forum, and I’m going to try to get Mini Riceball to do it with me.  I have to make time for it.

Right now school is getting started without me, thanks to the latest audio book she’s listening to.  She’s really into the Spirit Animals series.  I like the diversity of the main characters in that series.  II was looking for a list of diverse fantasy book for upper elementary/middle grades and I’m only finding lists that include high school age.  Nothing exclusively for the younger set.  I want more diverse books for her but I want them to be age appropriate.  I also need them to be in audio book form and preferably at the library.  The audio books are really helping her get excited about books, and her reading has been steadily improving.  The audio books may be helping with that, or at the very least she’s being less miserable about reading because of them now. We both have separate Good Reads accounts, and my to-read list is steadily growing as I search for more books for her.  Every time I find something a bit too mature or that I’m unsure about I can add it to my list.

I need to make more time for my art, last night I started looking at reference photos again and I really should sketch.  Though I think I made a mistake of buying such a tiny sketchbook.  Mini Riceball and I both need new sketchbooks. Mine is tiny and hers is full.  This time we’ll decorate her cover.  I always meant to do that with her last one but then she filled it unexpectedly. At least I’ll have some art to show at the review.


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