Sick days

There is so much that annoys me about this article:

The whole thing discounts so much.  With the sick kids, I’ll agree the kids with pink eye and strep should not be a play place you have to pay to get into.  You are not required to be there for any reason stay home, and those two are some of things you can usually get a doctor’s note for which makes the schools a bit more lenient with missing days.  Which brings me to my first point this article acts like at the first sign of a runny nose, or cough you should keep your child home or stay home.  Now there a bunch of problems with that, and one starts at the school.  Many schools have a limit on how many days you, miss too many grades start getting lowered, or cps is contacted. If your child spends most of the winter in some way sick that’s a lot of time to miss. Now the second layer of this is for younger kids someone has to stay with them, now for middle to upper class this might not be a deal.  You hire a sitter, take time of work, or you are a stay at home parent problem solved.  You have someone to sit home with your little angel. There are some people though that can’t afford the sitter or the day off from work.  Also what happens when that illness inevitably spreads to you.  If you’ve already taken time of to care for your child so they didn’t spread it to anyone else you now have to take time off so you don’t spread it around the office. Of course this all if you have the time off to take, sometimes people run out of sick days, it gets frowned upon if you take too many in a row.  Some people try to call in and get a lecture for why they should come in anyway, because really “how sick can you be?”

I had a job once where I was vomiting in the bathroom there, and when I said I needed to go home, I was told if they couldn’t find coverage for my shift I would have to stay.  I worked a register, they seemed to think me vomiting on the counter in front of customers would be ideal. In high school I also came into school sick because I had teachers telling us if we miss too many days we’ll fail but of course don’t come in if you are sick we don’t want to get sick.  Now would spend most of my winters sick. My parents had a rule of if you are not vomiting you go to school. It was supposed to be better if you showed up and got sent home by the nurse, but especially in high school I could only miss a certain number of classes before I would fail.  So if I missed too many of a late afternoon class that’s automatic fail.

Some people don’t have the time to take off, best idea is if you are sick, sanitize everything you touch and wash your hands, and if you work with someone that’s sick sanitize everything you touch and wash your hands.  Wash your hands anyway it’s a good habit to have.


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