Art thoughts

I think I just figured out how to have more success with my portraits of other people.  I think I’m taking on too much right night.  I’m taking these macro self portrait shots and then trying to switch to something conventional when working on someone else.  I then have to split my focus and I get lost in the whole process of mapping all the details.  I think I need to take back the process of working on portraits of other people, I need to work on some really great detailed close ups.  I may even try to recruit some of the family for reference photos.  They will be all gathered around for a Christmas party soon.  I’ve also been thinking about “Portrait of a Memory” and I had a lot of success with that mixed media piece.  I really enjoy how that turned out and I might want to start exploring some unconventional portraits in more than one way.

I also need to go through edit my website.  I have a few pieces that it’s just their time to go, and I have some that just don’t fit anymore. I also have one piece currently up that no longer exists because it evolved into something else. I need to get my camera out and start experimenting again.  I haven’t created in so long now, mostly because I fell in love with a reference then fell out of love with it.  I think I may need to revisit it later, once again I think I took on too much.  I don’t have any references I’m feeling inspired by but maybe I need to look at some of them closer, or just get the camera out and try something new.


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