I’m finally getting back into the swing of things with school.  We’ve had a few days of full schedules. With the exception of yesterday I’ve filled in all six blocks of my log.  But so far I still feel like I’m getting all the subject in that I need to.  We finished All About Reading level 1 today, so we’ll probably be jumping right into level 2 tomorrow. I’m keeping our hiatus from spelling going until February.  I still need to schedule writing and typing for this week though.  For right now I think I’ll only push for one journal entry a week.  There is plenty of writing that comes with the other subjects.  And typing can be once a week too.

We finished reading only about a week and half behind schedule, which honestly is better than I thought it would be after the December break.  I felt really behind going into the break. I still feel very behind with science but that’s easy to get ahead in.  We always spend extra time on animals and then go through some of the units more quickly.  Mostly because there’s less to cover and less interest in those subjects.

I have been slacking with my knitting, because these tiny needles and extra thin yarn make the whole thing tedious. I’m also putting off finishing because I’m nervous about the embroidery.  I changed the chart and I worry it won’t work out right now.  I will have to get there eventually though.

I’ve also been slacking with my art.  I keep thinking of ideas to sketch and to draw, trying new things I then I just don’t.  I need to get on a better schedule with that too.  Right now I have the simple goal completing something once a month. I really need to get on that though because I’m half way through the month with nothing to show for it.


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