Gold Bubble Clothing Review

This has been a long disappointing ordeal.  It started with the announcement of the Black Friday Sale and the hyper limited Frozen inspired collection.  I really love Anna, and I loved the Anna inspired coronation skirt.  On the website the print almost looked like it had actual embroidery.

November 30: So we ordered a day before the sale ended.  They had announced guaranteed by Christmas delivery. So it was going to be a nice splurge Christmas gift, it was on sale I wasn’t paying full price and they seemed to have good reviews.  Then began the wait.  I was patient at first because any day up until Christmas eve is before Christmas.

December 24: Once the mail came Christmas eve I really started to get upset.  This was supposed to be delivered in time for Christmas.  That was when we sent our first message to the Facebook page. We told that as far as they were aware (they have a social media staff member that handles the Facebook), all the Black Friday items has been shipped and were in the hands of USPS. So then we start to think it’s just a USPS delay, that’s happened before to us.  We might just get it a day or two after Christmas, not their fault, no big deal.

December 31: We message again, still no sign of package.  Even if we would go by the normal time period listed on the site of 2-4 weeks the skirt should have arrived by then. That’s when we are told they are trying to verify information, and they ask to confirm the address on the order. (Order # was given in first message).

January 2: We got a message back that it usually takes 24-48 hours for them to hear from the team in LA. We sent another message on January 5th to check back in.  More than the 24-48 from when the LA was supposed to have been contacted. We were told they backed up and we’ve be hearing something soon.

January 6: We request an update again

January 7: A reply saying that team sent out a bunch of orders that day, and she was waiting on Google doc to see if our order # was on the list. There was also the offer of a gift card if our order was on that list, to make up for everything.

January 13: We get a message saying we should have a shipping confirmation in our inbox.  And sure enough it’s there.  Label printed.  At one point it was mentioned on the Facebook wall that they use two day shipping, but this was back in December when they still had the promise of “by Christmas.”

January 20: My order arrives, finally. Now for the final sad, comical part of this.  I finally get my skirt almost a full month after Christmas.  I open it up and looks a bit small, but so do some of my leggings.  That’s what spandex is for, right? So I go to put it on expecting the stretch, but there’s no stretch at all to the waist of the skirt.  No give at all. I call over my daughter and ask her to try it on.  She does and it fits her perfectly, no need to stretch.

DSC01164 DSC01165

My daughter is 9, she’s tall for age but still thin.  She has to wear a belt or have an adjustable waist band in all of her pants because I need to buy a bigger size for the length.  Really she could wear a Child size 7 or 8 if length wasn’t an issue.  This is supposed to be a women’s small.  I measure around the inside of the skirt and it comes to about 25″ which is about what they list of the waist of an extra small but even then I’m not sure how they are expecting that to get over 35″ “low hip” if it doesn’t stretch. Got my measurements from the legging but looked up the page for the skirt and they only list the waist but still a small is supposed to be 28″ vs the xs 25.” I have four pairs of leggings from 2-3 different companies and I wear a small, based on how this skirt fit I’d probably need anywhere from a L-XXL but since there is stretch it probably wouldn’t fit properly anyway. Also I wasn’t bowled over by the quality either.  The fabric photographs better than it looks and you can see some of the stitches in the seams peaking like it’s been stretched to far for too long.


So all in all, I spent a bit too much and waited far too long to get a skirt for my daughter.  We also got no gift card but maybe the clutch included in the bad is supposed to be the “oops our bad” gift.  Doesn’t really matter because after this experience I’m not going to be ordering again.



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