I made some updates to this blog added on links to all of my other sites and I’m going to start posting more. Not as much as update instagram but a bit more than before.  It’s a little harder for me to update here because now most of my photos are being taken on my phone.  My camera is not being as cooperative as it used to be.  Such is technology though.

Hartbeat of Inspiration

Hartbeat of Inspiration

Some time has passed since I completed my last portrait.  A bit of fan art of a wonderful youtuber Hart.  I never updated here though because I got locked into posting on other formats.

I’ve been posting updates on instagram of some artist trading cards that I’ve been working on and a larger portrait that will be finished today.  After setting the portrait down last night I realized I need to fix one portion of the neck.  Otherwise that is done though.

I created a challenge for myself, 30 atc and a portrait in October.  So far I’m on track for the portrait but I underestimated how much time I would spend on each atc.   I have three completed and one in progress.  I started two more but abandoned them because they just were not working out. So I think even though I will come up short of quantity on my challenge, the quality will be worth it.

I also added a gallery here, so if you are on mobile seeing my full range of work will probably work out better with this gallery but my website has a bit more information about each piece, like dimensions and media. I should be updating later today with a post on my new finished portrait.



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