October challenge partial fail

I set a challenge for myself and came in way bellow the bar.  I did finish my portrait and created a few awesome artist trading cards.  I also gave up on two artist trading cards and might give up on a third.  The smaller size allows me to finish a piece semi quickly, but it also restricts the amount of detail and the references I can use.  I’m struggling with getting my current atc right.  I may move on from this one too.  I want to attempt a few more, and complete one in colored pencil.  I just know I’ll be going into next month working on that.

My depression/anxiety has really taken hold this month so it’s been hard for me to get things done.  Also I really lost track of time.  I kept thinking I have so much time to just focus on the artist trading cards and now the end of the month is so close. Everything feels off.  It’s been hard to focus.  I was able to push through the portrait.

I’m going to start work on something larger soon but I have a few more ideas for the smaller pieces too.  I don’t think I want to set a deadline right now.  Also next time I should probably complete a sample piece before I go trying to set challenges for myself.  I spent way more time than I thought I would on each atc and that really messed with my timeline too.


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