PC and SJW

How is that terms like politically correct and social justice warrior end up becoming such bad words to use against people? To be politically correct would be for someone in the public eye to not say something super offensive or for a store to do the same.  It just means being more inclusive of strangers and not alienating people, why is that a bad thing? No matter what is unacceptable to say in a public forum, you can still say with friends that you know won’t judge you because you share the same beliefs and interests.  I see less about people being bothered about “political correctness” now, mostly it’s just crowing about censorship.  Though of course those that are standing up for their right to free speech are ignoring the fact that, that’s not how free speech works.  But anyway no matter what is “politically correct” or socially acceptable to say, you can still say it.  No one is stopping you, you just have consequences if you do.  if you are are a company you alienate a customer base, if you are individual you could loose friends, you could loose your job. Because of your right to free speech you can’t be jailed for these things you say but you can face criticism.  When I see someone complaining about being “politically correct” I just see someone that wants to be able to say whatever they want without criticism.  Or they want a company to cater only to their needs and desires while excluding everyone else.

As for “social justice warrior” why is that a bad thing? You want equality and diversity, sounds like good things. Again though it’s back to the idea that there is a set of people out there that have had their needs and beliefs catered to exclusively for so long they don’t want to see anyone else included because, inclusion feels like loosing something.


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