Looking back and forward

I put together all of my drawings from this year into one image.  There are quite a few atcs and two commissions.  Despite the lack of volume I feel really good about the work I’ve done this year. I had a rough year with quite a lot of changes and even before that I’ve been struggling a bit with finding direction for my art.

I feel like I’ve finally found the direction I’ve been looking for.  I rewrote my artist statement today and tweaked my website a bit.  My website is still pretty terrible on a phone, but it shows up well on tablet. Maybe in the coming year I’ll look into a budget friendly mobile site solution.  I have to say though my last site overhaul was thanks to my web host providing a simple site builder.  I was able to completely redo my site with a simple drag and drop program.  So I am I a little hesitant to leave right now.  I just don’t want to break my budget upgrading to get to the mobile site editor too.

To compensate for my non-mobile friendly site I’ve optimized my social media presence.  I’ve added a gallery here, and I’m trying to maintain a tumblr and instagram as well.

I have two drawings started and I have some ideas on my to do list. I’m feeling rather good about my art moving into 2016.  Even if I can’t get the one image to post right. I plan to explore exploring these atc portraits.  I think part of what makes them special is the size. I’m also enjoying moving through them quickly. The image that I can’t get to post is a small start to my next larger drawing. After I finish a few more atc portraits I’m going to start working on submissions again.


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