I created some washes on canvas paper and I just keep thinking about how to incorporate them into a drawing.  The problem is I’ve worked in colored pencil on canvas paper before and despite the fact that it works, it’s not necessarily the best. It’s also been a few years so it might be worth revisiting.  I’m also starting to think that maybe my oil paints were a poor investment.  Painting is fun, but I just don’t enjoy it as much as drawing.  Of course I could just give it all to Mini Riceball, including canvases and easel.

 I may commit to creating one larger painting before I decide to just walk away from all my supplies.  I really like the washes Mini Riceball and I have created on the canvases together.

I think I may definitely investigate getting a sheet of watercolor paper though and a small set of water color paints. I think some washes under charcoal or colored pencil could be really interesting and I want to follow up on that.

I also started working on my sketch of Caspien in colored pencil and the more I worked on it the more I kept thinking about working on it in charcoal so I started another sketch.  I think the proportions are on the first but I haven’t gotten the mouth quite right on the second. I thought the eye color was completely off in the colored pencil version but spending some time stepping back I think it’s on the right track.


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