Something that bugs me

There are parts of social media that I want to avoid. I should have stayed out of one group page, because it infuriates me more often than it should.  Mainly when it comes to transgender issues.  There seem to be a few people that believe that you can convince or shove a child into a gender identity that they don’t inherently belong in.  They like to point to personal experience, because they were didn’t want to stand in the girl’s line.  Or they liked stereotypical boy things.

Well so did I.  I went to through several years where I wanted to do everything the boys did.  I hung out with the boys, I emulated them. I was even encouraged by my step father to go out and do more “boy” things. He even tried to tell me I actually was a boy numerous times.  And you know what, still knew I was a girl, still identify as a woman. I still like some masculine things, and reject some feminine things.  I’ve come into a better more comfortable for me balance but who I am has always been in here.

From what I can imagine it’s the same for a trans individual.  You always know who you are and it starts young.

Aside from all of that, I still don’t see the harm in allowing a child to use different pronouns, change what name they want to be called or even delaying puberty.  Pronouns and names are easy switch around, clothes are simple, and there’s no permanent damage with those.  With delaying puberty, by the time that’s relevant children have a pretty good sense of who they are and I believe they can make that decision.  Of course none of this is my business when it comes down to a family trying to what’s best for their children.  It’s also not some other stranger on the internet’s business.

Gender fluidity should be embraced, and if someone wants to try out a different gender for a little while that shouldn’t be a big deal.  And while we are at it, you should be able to use whatever bathroom you are comfortable using. Stupid laws don’t keep out predators, or assailants, it just hurts regular people who are trying to pee in peace.


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