Figure Drawing and Inspiration

I was finally able to have my first live figure model experience last month.  I had wanted to take the figure drawing class in high school but the schedule didn’t work out, same again in college.  I’ve used reference photos of figure models though.  Still working from life is different.  In fact it had been much too long, I had forgotten how infuriating it can be. Real live people, move and breathe. I was sitting there sketching and I look back to the arm and I have to figure out did I move my head the wrong way? Is my perspective different? Did the model move? It was a great experience though.

I’m signed up for another Open Figure Model workshop today, and I’m excited.  It has me thinking about my next piece.  Which I’ve been stuck on.  I had originally wanted to finish Patrick Rothfuss and follow up with an 8×10 portrait of Jenny Lawson.  I can’t find a high resolution photo of her though that’s right. I did an Artist Trading Card (ATC) of her though and that turned out really well.  I’m thinking I might want to do a portrait of Wil Wheaton too but I’m still stuck on the Jenny Lawson was supposed to be next on my list.

While I’m at the store today for the workshop I think I’ll pick up some odorless mineral spirits and some brushes. I got new paper to try last time I was there.  I want to try it with charcoal but I also want to try some colored pencil too.  I watched a tutorial video and I really want to try the technique I saw with odorless mineral spirits.  It looks like it gives me exactly what I already try to achieve but without all the layers and sometimes consequently losing the tooth of the paper before I achieve what I’m after.

I also had a breakthrough with subject matter. I might try Paint My Photo or Sketchy for some reference photos. I did stumble upon a name generator that also gives a backstory for that name. I might try to pair that with the photos, to add personality to focus on and when working with anonymous photos. Even if it doesn’t make a visual difference it will be more fun to think about the character as I work on the portrait,

I’m also thinking about revisiting some of my “Destiny family” portraits in colored pencil too on a larger scale.  I had a lot of fun drawing Cowmine and I think it will be fun to revisit that photo again.  Same with Stacc, he has some interesting colors in his photo.

Of course all of this could be put on hold if I get a commission, paid work always comes first.  I’m feeling good about having direction again though.


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