Starting again

I just realized that my web host drastically increased their rates. I’m exploring other options. I like the look of my site but if I stay I want to go for mobile friendly.
I’m looking at other hosting plans but even with the price increase what I’m getting now isn’t bad for the fee compared to what I’m seeing elsewhere. My current host offers an upgrade that would give me the ability to edit a mobile friendly site. If the upgrade includes the domain then it would be competitive with the other rates I’ve seen too and I might just upgrade and stay.

With web hosting I still have a lot to figure out.  I just figured out how to make my gallery the first page on here.  Now if I can fix some of the look issues and really sort through that I might just upgrade here. There is a built in mobile friendly feature.  I don’t have to extra work just build once and everything is easy simple and clean here.  I just need to figure out if this is right for me.  I’m not sure yet.

I need my website sorted because I’m going to start submitting to publications again.  This whole thing started because I’m trying to add a bio to my site.  I can’t figure out where and how to add a little bio blurb. It seems to repetitive with the right above it.  Of course I don’t think they need separate pages though.

I tried a new technique with colored pencil this week and I’m really excited to get back into colored pencil work again.  I’m excited about working again and I feel a lot less lost when it comes to my direction.  Even though I am lost on what to do for hosting I have a clear plan for where to go next creatively.


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