New work, updated site

I worked things out with my web host. I got a great deal on the upgraded hosting. My site is now mobile friendly, I love how I can edit the mobile version myself. So this is working out great for me, and considering the domain is included now I’m not going to paying much more than the increased rate going forward. So if I’m going to pay more should just have the better mobile friendly site.

I have been working so much lately though I’m thinking maybe I should make a switch to multiple gallery pages.  Or maybe it’s time to finally let some of my really old work fall off. My favorites are hanging on my walls maybe I should let them go from the site.

I have a list of magazines to start submitting to.  I’m not going to be able to just send the submission over and over again so they’ll take some time to send out.  I need a custom submission for each magazine and I need to narrow down which ones I want to submit to further as well by determining the best fit.

I’m been using the Sktchy App more, I have two new pieces from references on there.  I’m having a lot of fun with it. I also finished another piece for my Destiny family series.  I have a 4×4 artist panel that I want do a colored pencil piece on.  I’m thinking maybe a cosplayer for that.  I just need to comb through Instagram and try to obtain permission. Sktchy does make it easy though all of the photos are uploaded for that purpose.  I could probably search through Paint My Photo as well too.  I want something fun and colorful.

I still have an atc size paper left too.  Of course creating more that one piece in a day messes with my number coding system on my work.  I wonder if I add letters if things will still go smoothly.



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