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I'm a stay at home mom/artist. I'm also a homeschooling mom of 1.

Saying Goodbye

I lost my grandfather on Saturday.

He was an ice cream man for 57 years.He drove a many different trucks over the years, a truck he built himself, The Wabbit Wagon, and he drove for Good Humor. I spent most of my life with him driving the Mister Softee truck. And after a driver on a cell phone totaled his Mister Softee truck, leaving him injured. He had to take a break, but he wanted to get back to work, to see his friends, and talk to new people. His best friend Don and his wife Tammy gave him a job driving one of their Miss Twist ice cream trucks. Most of my memories and I’m sure a good many memories of other in the neighborhood are of the “The Entertainer” playing to signal that he was coming. His Miss Twist truck played “Rain Drops,” it’s distinctive from all the other trucks in the neighborhood. but still we all remember “The Entertainer” the best. So yesterday when we took his last ride, his best friends Don and Tammy were there in the truck to play his song “The Entertainer” for his final ride.

Some of my best memories are going with him to pick up supplies. We went to A&A candy, which I remember for the towering stacks of candy, and the walls covered with shelves of candy and cards. It reminds me of his garage a bit, he liked to save things. His garage was an adventure of it’s own. So many things inside that were reminiscent of another time, so many stories waiting to be told. I remember his RC cars, and the RC Snoopy on a skateboard. One of my first memories of my cousin is, knowing he was coming and watching Pappy’s truck back in and seeing him in the window of the truck. I remember the sound of his truck pulling in at night coming home. I remember so many times him standing behind the truck with the doors open doing work on the systems contained there. He was very good at making most of the repairs himself, if he couldn’t figure it out he’d call his best friend and they would trouble shoot the problem together. I loved Tutti Frutti the best. That’s where he bought popsicles and novelties, there’s where he talked to Ernie. The popsicles and novelty ice creams were always my favorite, especially those frozen snow cones, and candy. I remember when Tutti Frutti closed and we started going to Ice Cream Depot still the same people, Ernie was still be hind the desk with the ice cream signs covering the wall. Koldkiss warehouse was another excellent stop with cavernous building and big sled carts. I was fortunate and even got to take Teemie (my daughter) along with us to Ice Cream Depot and Koldkiss warehouse.

He loved to sit outside on his swings. He would play with Teemie while sitting on those swings. His health had been declining for years and he couldn’t walk well but he’d still kick or catch the ball with her. She spent a lot of time playing with him, he’d start to nap in his chair and she’d play by his feet and wake him back up to talk again. He never complained, he loved to talk, and he loved to talk to her.

I bought a house almost 2 years ago, and he had been driving the Miss Twist truck for a few years by then. He was still driving his old route though. I was fortunate enough to move directly onto his route, so Teemie would hear the truck coming and stand in the doorway excited to go see Pappy and get some ice cream. He’d always stop. I would get to talk to him for a bit too. We’d just talk about his day or plans for the week, check in and talk about Nana too.

He may have been my grandfather but he was the best dad I ever had.


29 Faces, #6

29 faces September

Did this yesterday with a tri-tone pencil. Didn’t get anything done today. I’m definitely going to have to start making up for some of the missed days soon. My hands have been bothering me a bit more so I took a break today.

29 Faces, # 5

29 faces September

Not super happy with this one. Started with marker in an unsuccessful attempt to cover the mysterious blue mark. Added in white charcoal pencil for highlights. Purple acrylic was what finally covered the odd blue. Probably should have started with the paint. I do like some of what is going on with the eyes though.

#4, 29 Faces

I created this yesterday, but got busy yesterday and forgot to add it to the blog. I also didn’t draw anything Sunday. The day just got away from me. I really like how this turned out. I tried watercolor again, this time the kind in the tube. I had 3 from the Grumbacher atc swap. I still need to figure out what to do for this month, I’m running out of time. I used the red and the purple. I’m happy I didn’t use the green. I don’t think that would have worked as well. I’m still working my way through my Sktchy queue with these. I’m learning quite a bit with these. I was hoping to make this a daily habit but then I already missed a day. I might get there though. A lot to do today, so I’ll try to make time for art. Also my hands are really bothering me today. Hopefully it will be better later when I get home.

29 faces September

Day 3

29 faces September

I experimented with ink today. Still working in my Strathmore mixed media sketchbook. I was planning to use water like with watercolor, until I read the “water resistant” on the label. So I worked with it as is. I tried some lines for shading, and layering of color. It was an interesting experience. I’m looking forward to taking this time each day so far. It doesn’t feel like a chore and I’m excited to work through my supplies.

I used my one Art Snack paint brush again, I think I need about 4 more of those. It’s my new favorite. I have another small brush but I wasn’t getting the same fine line from it.

Day 2, Art Snacks Challenge

29 faces September
Today is pulling double duty. I used my new art snacks supplies to do a quick sketch today. I’m really liking markers now. This sketchbook is working out rather well too. So far I have 2 faces, 2 pages, 2 days. It’s a nice trend to have so far. I’ve also experimented both days. Maybe I can keep up the trend and do a sketch a day. No pressure, some experiments, wouldn’t be a bad habit to pick up. We’ll see though.
I had comments on moderation, hopefully I’ve stopped that now. WordPress seems to be a bit more complicated than I originally expected.
I may have to switch my blog back to blogger. I like the pages but blogging here is getting to be a little too complicated. I can’t figure out how to sign in and comment with this profile.

29 Faces

29 faces September

Today I decided to finally get around to experimenting with the watercolor set I got in the Grumbacher mystery box. I used the brush I got in my August Art Snacks box too. This is the first page in my new mixed media sketch book. I just discovered blue marks a few pages in. I think I’m going to try to work with them or cover them rather than my first insinct of trying to figure out how to rip out the page.