29 Faces Challenge

29 faces September
I couldn’t figure out how to add the button to the side bar. So I’m just going to paste it in to the top of every post, at least until I do figure this out. I don’t have any specific rules set out for myself other than the goal of 29 portraits in September. I’m going to work in my usual media and also experiment with some new things.
I have a large portrait I’d love to finish this month that if I do it I’ll count it as 2 faces. Even though I didn’t start it, with my hand pain I’ll consider it part of the challenge. I might even use a portrait for the atc swap too. I’ll try to get at least one face in today, so I can start off right. I’ll also be posting to my instagram with #29faces

New work, updated site

I worked things out with my web host. I got a great deal on the upgraded hosting. My site is now mobile friendly, I love how I can edit the mobile version myself. So this is working out great for me, and considering the domain is included now I’m not going to paying much more than the increased rate going forward. So if I’m going to pay more should just have the better mobile friendly site.

I have been working so much lately though I’m thinking maybe I should make a switch to multiple gallery pages.  Or maybe it’s time to finally let some of my really old work fall off. My favorites are hanging on my walls maybe I should let them go from the site.

I have a list of magazines to start submitting to.  I’m not going to be able to just send the submission over and over again so they’ll take some time to send out.  I need a custom submission for each magazine and I need to narrow down which ones I want to submit to further as well by determining the best fit.

I’m been using the Sktchy App more, I have two new pieces from references on there.  I’m having a lot of fun with it. I also finished another piece for my Destiny family series.  I have a 4×4 artist panel that I want do a colored pencil piece on.  I’m thinking maybe a cosplayer for that.  I just need to comb through Instagram and try to obtain permission. Sktchy does make it easy though all of the photos are uploaded for that purpose.  I could probably search through Paint My Photo as well too.  I want something fun and colorful.

I still have an atc size paper left too.  Of course creating more that one piece in a day messes with my number coding system on my work.  I wonder if I add letters if things will still go smoothly.


Starting again

I just realized that my web host drastically increased their rates. I’m exploring other options. I like the look of my site but if I stay I want to go for mobile friendly.
I’m looking at other hosting plans but even with the price increase what I’m getting now isn’t bad for the fee compared to what I’m seeing elsewhere. My current host offers an upgrade that would give me the ability to edit a mobile friendly site. If the upgrade includes the domain then it would be competitive with the other rates I’ve seen too and I might just upgrade and stay.

With web hosting I still have a lot to figure out.  I just figured out how to make my gallery the first page on here.  Now if I can fix some of the look issues and really sort through that I might just upgrade here. There is a built in mobile friendly feature.  I don’t have to extra work just build once and everything is easy simple and clean here.  I just need to figure out if this is right for me.  I’m not sure yet.

I need my website sorted because I’m going to start submitting to publications again.  This whole thing started because I’m trying to add a bio to my site.  I can’t figure out where and how to add a little bio blurb. It seems to repetitive with the right above it.  Of course I don’t think they need separate pages though.

I tried a new technique with colored pencil this week and I’m really excited to get back into colored pencil work again.  I’m excited about working again and I feel a lot less lost when it comes to my direction.  Even though I am lost on what to do for hosting I have a clear plan for where to go next creatively.

Figure Drawing and Inspiration

I was finally able to have my first live figure model experience last month.  I had wanted to take the figure drawing class in high school but the schedule didn’t work out, same again in college.  I’ve used reference photos of figure models though.  Still working from life is different.  In fact it had been much too long, I had forgotten how infuriating it can be. Real live people, move and breathe. I was sitting there sketching and I look back to the arm and I have to figure out did I move my head the wrong way? Is my perspective different? Did the model move? It was a great experience though.

I’m signed up for another Open Figure Model workshop today, and I’m excited.  It has me thinking about my next piece.  Which I’ve been stuck on.  I had originally wanted to finish Patrick Rothfuss and follow up with an 8×10 portrait of Jenny Lawson.  I can’t find a high resolution photo of her though that’s right. I did an Artist Trading Card (ATC) of her though and that turned out really well.  I’m thinking I might want to do a portrait of Wil Wheaton too but I’m still stuck on the Jenny Lawson was supposed to be next on my list.

While I’m at the store today for the workshop I think I’ll pick up some odorless mineral spirits and some brushes. I got new paper to try last time I was there.  I want to try it with charcoal but I also want to try some colored pencil too.  I watched a tutorial video and I really want to try the technique I saw with odorless mineral spirits.  It looks like it gives me exactly what I already try to achieve but without all the layers and sometimes consequently losing the tooth of the paper before I achieve what I’m after.

I also had a breakthrough with subject matter. I might try Paint My Photo or Sketchy for some reference photos. I did stumble upon a name generator that also gives a backstory for that name. I might try to pair that with the photos, to add personality to focus on and when working with anonymous photos. Even if it doesn’t make a visual difference it will be more fun to think about the character as I work on the portrait,

I’m also thinking about revisiting some of my “Destiny family” portraits in colored pencil too on a larger scale.  I had a lot of fun drawing Cowmine and I think it will be fun to revisit that photo again.  Same with Stacc, he has some interesting colors in his photo.

Of course all of this could be put on hold if I get a commission, paid work always comes first.  I’m feeling good about having direction again though.

Thinking ahead

 I’ve really enjoyed working on smaller pieces. I’ve hit a small block thanks to my larger piece’s size. The large space road blocks I hit don’t become a factor with smaller work. Shutterfly has a deal going today for free 4×4 prints.  I’ve seen 4×4 frames in the store before.  I’m wondering though if 8×8 frames are as easy to come by.  If they are I may try some 4×4 size drawings.
I still have some watercolor grounds to experiment with, I don’t intend to depart too far from the atc size. Or even the 8×10 size, I just want to explore some other options as well.

Something that bugs me

There are parts of social media that I want to avoid. I should have stayed out of one group page, because it infuriates me more often than it should.  Mainly when it comes to transgender issues.  There seem to be a few people that believe that you can convince or shove a child into a gender identity that they don’t inherently belong in.  They like to point to personal experience, because they were didn’t want to stand in the girl’s line.  Or they liked stereotypical boy things.

Well so did I.  I went to through several years where I wanted to do everything the boys did.  I hung out with the boys, I emulated them. I was even encouraged by my step father to go out and do more “boy” things. He even tried to tell me I actually was a boy numerous times.  And you know what, still knew I was a girl, still identify as a woman. I still like some masculine things, and reject some feminine things.  I’ve come into a better more comfortable for me balance but who I am has always been in here.

From what I can imagine it’s the same for a trans individual.  You always know who you are and it starts young.

Aside from all of that, I still don’t see the harm in allowing a child to use different pronouns, change what name they want to be called or even delaying puberty.  Pronouns and names are easy switch around, clothes are simple, and there’s no permanent damage with those.  With delaying puberty, by the time that’s relevant children have a pretty good sense of who they are and I believe they can make that decision.  Of course none of this is my business when it comes down to a family trying to what’s best for their children.  It’s also not some other stranger on the internet’s business.

Gender fluidity should be embraced, and if someone wants to try out a different gender for a little while that shouldn’t be a big deal.  And while we are at it, you should be able to use whatever bathroom you are comfortable using. Stupid laws don’t keep out predators, or assailants, it just hurts regular people who are trying to pee in peace.


I created some washes on canvas paper and I just keep thinking about how to incorporate them into a drawing.  The problem is I’ve worked in colored pencil on canvas paper before and despite the fact that it works, it’s not necessarily the best. It’s also been a few years so it might be worth revisiting.  I’m also starting to think that maybe my oil paints were a poor investment.  Painting is fun, but I just don’t enjoy it as much as drawing.  Of course I could just give it all to Mini Riceball, including canvases and easel.

 I may commit to creating one larger painting before I decide to just walk away from all my supplies.  I really like the washes Mini Riceball and I have created on the canvases together.

I think I may definitely investigate getting a sheet of watercolor paper though and a small set of water color paints. I think some washes under charcoal or colored pencil could be really interesting and I want to follow up on that.

I also started working on my sketch of Caspien in colored pencil and the more I worked on it the more I kept thinking about working on it in charcoal so I started another sketch.  I think the proportions are on the first but I haven’t gotten the mouth quite right on the second. I thought the eye color was completely off in the colored pencil version but spending some time stepping back I think it’s on the right track.