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29 Faces, #6

29 faces September

Did this yesterday with a tri-tone pencil. Didn’t get anything done today. I’m definitely going to have to start making up for some of the missed days soon. My hands have been bothering me a bit more so I took a break today.


29 Faces, # 5

29 faces September

Not super happy with this one. Started with marker in an unsuccessful attempt to cover the mysterious blue mark. Added in white charcoal pencil for highlights. Purple acrylic was what finally covered the odd blue. Probably should have started with the paint. I do like some of what is going on with the eyes though.

Day 3

29 faces September

I experimented with ink today. Still working in my Strathmore mixed media sketchbook. I was planning to use water like with watercolor, until I read the “water resistant” on the label. So I worked with it as is. I tried some lines for shading, and layering of color. It was an interesting experience. I’m looking forward to taking this time each day so far. It doesn’t feel like a chore and I’m excited to work through my supplies.

I used my one Art Snack paint brush again, I think I need about 4 more of those. It’s my new favorite. I have another small brush but I wasn’t getting the same fine line from it.

Day 2, Art Snacks Challenge

29 faces September
Today is pulling double duty. I used my new art snacks supplies to do a quick sketch today. I’m really liking markers now. This sketchbook is working out rather well too. So far I have 2 faces, 2 pages, 2 days. It’s a nice trend to have so far. I’ve also experimented both days. Maybe I can keep up the trend and do a sketch a day. No pressure, some experiments, wouldn’t be a bad habit to pick up. We’ll see though.
I had comments on moderation, hopefully I’ve stopped that now. WordPress seems to be a bit more complicated than I originally expected.
I may have to switch my blog back to blogger. I like the pages but blogging here is getting to be a little too complicated. I can’t figure out how to sign in and comment with this profile.

29 Faces

29 faces September

Today I decided to finally get around to experimenting with the watercolor set I got in the Grumbacher mystery box. I used the brush I got in my August Art Snacks box too. This is the first page in my new mixed media sketch book. I just discovered blue marks a few pages in. I think I’m going to try to work with them or cover them rather than my first insinct of trying to figure out how to rip out the page. 

29 Faces Challenge

29 faces September
I couldn’t figure out how to add the button to the side bar. So I’m just going to paste it in to the top of every post, at least until I do figure this out. I don’t have any specific rules set out for myself other than the goal of 29 portraits in September. I’m going to work in my usual media and also experiment with some new things.
I have a large portrait I’d love to finish this month that if I do it I’ll count it as 2 faces. Even though I didn’t start it, with my hand pain I’ll consider it part of the challenge. I might even use a portrait for the atc swap too. I’ll try to get at least one face in today, so I can start off right. I’ll also be posting to my instagram with #29faces