Working more

I’ve started working more consistently again.  Now I have a dedicated studio to hide in too, so that helps. I’ve gotten a lot of progress done with my latest drawing.


I’m relatively happy with it for now, I like the direction it’s going in. Of course I know have a growing list of ideas for new drawings and a commission for a family member lined up to be started next. I’m actually feeling good about the subject of the commission.  I plan to cut paper for that soon.  I’m going to cut a few sheets off the roll when I go to start that next drawing and I may start working on more than one drawing at a time.  My current subject is a youtube star that I’m hesitant to name before the piece is done. If anyone else is a fan the likeness is starting to take shape so they might recognize her. I’d like to do a pet portrait soon, just to try my hand at animals.  It would be nice to know I can do it. I may try that family commission in pencil again just as a test.  Since the commission is for family and I’ve been given an open ended time frame I can play with different media. Any other commission I wouldn’t have that flexibility.  I also have an idea for some new subjects. I’m thinking of working on pieces of some of my favorite authors currently.  They all have a great online presence and some have even had fan art done of them before.  I think they would make interesting subjects too, different features than I’ve done before would be fun to play in.  I’ll have to make a list.  I also have a piece I want to restart of Mini Riceball.  Maybe I’ll restart it in colored pencil.  I’ve worked in black and white a lot lately it seems.  Also I have some old work I’m thinking of reworking, kind of like I did with Portrait of Memory.  Maybe cut them up and create a mixed media piece.  Not sure yet though.  I’ll have to see.  I did just get an idea for Part of Me, that will allow me to play with the mixed media idea before I cut into it.  Of course I think that’s the one that would benefit most.

I’d love to find some damaged books to and play with that idea. I love text and script and parchment.  I have a hard time finding scrapbook paper like that though for some reason.

Off to make my list.


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